Category: Flow meter Avery-Hardoll

Aver-Hardoll BM Series flowmeters are precision made,positive displacement,liquid measuring instruments

That maintain the higest level of accuracy over a lifetime of operation.Simplicity of design and accuracy has resuited in the

Avery-Hardoll BM semeters to being the preferred meters by aviation fueling operators and airlines in internatonal marksts.


  • The BM Series bulkmeters consist of three main assemblies:The manifold,body assembly and rotor assembly
  • The higher rating of the larger meters is achieved by bolting two or three body capsules together and fitting double or triple rotor assemblies with a larger manifold to suit
  • A calibrating mechanism and mechanical register are also attached to the front end cover
  • The calibrating mechanism can be replaced by a frond cover incorporating a pulse transmitter when required for electronic systems,such as MASTERLOAD IITM registers



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