Tag: Gasboy

Gasboy Features:

  • Fluid-driven meter-registers have a 4-Digit volume delivered readout, 7-Digit totalizer and “Reset-To-Zero” push button
  • 100% fluid driven…no electrical power required
  • Calibrated accuracy of 1/2% or better at full flow
  • Factory calibrated: needle valve provided if changing conditions require field calibration
  • Tough, cast aluminum housings with molded phenolic measuring chamber which houses the mutating-disc assembly for exceptional accuracy
  • 304 stainless steel strainer for durability
    Meter Register
  • Delivery Rate up to 151 Liters/min
  •  Suitable for gasoline, diesel and kerosine
  • Individual delivers up to 999,9 US gallons
  • One push botton sets back the registers to all zero
  • Totalizer registers up to 99999.9-Non resettable
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